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Business Travel

In a perfect world, every time you got on an airplane you'd be heading to a beach, a ski slope or some exotic far-away land in the company of that perfect dream date. Your flight would be on time, the flight attendants would be mildly pleasant and the entire cabin would be first class seating. You would accrue frequent flyer miles you could actually use and no one on the plane would have paid less than you did for their tickets.

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Welcome to the real world.

At Uni-Travel, we understand business travel... from the traveler's point of view as well as your company's. Believe it or not, there is usually some way to save money and adhere to company policy without compromising your sanity. That's were we come in. We've been handling business travel for a long time and have learned quite a few tricks along the way. There's no reason for you to be out there on your own. Think of us as your little "guardian agent" looking out for your best interests.

We don't solicit large corporate accounts. There are plenty of mega-agencies out there to handle that kind of business. We prefer to work one-to-one with small to medium sized companies and those independent "road warriors" who seem to be gone more than they are at home. Some of our most loyal clients are executives that have the power to buck the system and not use the agency that the rest of their company has to due to corporate policy. We've even been known to give out free advice to arm you with correct information on those occasions when you have to deal with those "rocket scientist-turned-res agents".

When choosing a travel agent for your business travel, it all boils down to the people and the service. Any reputable agency will offer you the lowest available air fares, 24 hour emergency service and negotiated hotel and car rates. We all pretty much use the same reservation systems. What's important is who you trust and enjoy working with. In this day and age, it doesn't matter where you call home. With that all important watts-line and electronic ticketing, we handle arrangements for people all over the country. Give us a call. You'll find consistency in an industry gone mad.

What to expect from Uni-Travel:

  • Unbiased Information: we work for you, not our travel suppliers.
  • Choice: a variety of travel options and quotes from various travel suppliers.
  • Expert Guidance: as experts in understanding the intricacies of the system, we'll help you take full advantage of them.
  • Best Value: with our first-hand knowledge of different travel choices, specials and product quality, we provide you with the best travel value possible.
  • Convenient One-Stop Shopping: we handle every aspect of your trip, from air tickets to car rental and hotel accommodations in just one call.
  • Professional Advice: we are experts in making sure people get where they need to go at the best price and most pleasant way possible.
  • Personalized Service: we are not an impersonal automated voice system. We get to know you and what you value in your travel experience.

Corporate Travel Services

Uni-Travel has developed an extremely comprehensive and highly competitive business travel package. This package includes:

  • Automated reservations, ticketing and accounting
  • National inbound 800 number
  • Complimentary city-wide ticket and document delivery - if E-ticket is not preferred
  • Electronic ticketing and faxed or email invoice/itineraries
  • Prepaid Ticketing Worldwide
  • Complex International itinerary and ticketing
  • Visa and Passport services
  • Corporate Rate Discount Program
  • Hotel and Auto only reservations
  • Airport Limousine and Van Service Reservations
  • Billing and open accounts available with restrictions
  • Foreign Currency Information
  • Credit card reconciliation assistance
  • Customized Corporate Management Reports
  • Corporate Travel Policy creation and enforcement
  • World-Wide 24-Hour Customer Care Service
  • Automatic "Frequent Flyer" Upgrades
  • Group and Incentive Travel planning
  • Meeting services
  • Incentive Travel Coordination*
  • Business Meeting Assistance and Management*
  • Satellite Ticketing*
  • 24 Hour Toll Free Emergency Service*

NOTE:*Free for high volume businesses ($500,000+). Optional for all other businesses.

Cost Savings Program

Uni- Travel's commercial Department is staffed by travel consultants qualified to arrange your travel plans. Our consultants comprehend the importance of tariffs and general transportation connections in terms of general savings for your company.

Our professionals will, as a rule, strive to obtain the best fare value for your business traveler. We also examine every ticket to meet the requirements of your company's travel policy. Additionally, every invoice will contain in-formation on regarding a lower fare offered if available. It is also the policy of UNI- Travel to monitor individual reservations before ticketing for fare increase or decreases. This procedure enables UNI-Travel to issue a guarantee of pricing the lowest fare available at the time of booking. 

As a part of our corporate services, we can supply a cost savings report analysis. This report will reflect our performance on obtaining the lowest fare whenever possible. UNI-Travel's Commercial Agents audit travel documents, itineraries, airline tickets, hotel and auto rental service, delivery time requirements and special service needs as well as all changes involved. The staff records flight numbers and departure times. Your company traveler's travel plans are reconfirmed. Our commercial agents will also match your business traveler's preferences (seat locations, smoking/non-smoking, hotel preference, car rental selection, meal requirements, frequent flyer mileage) to make your trip as hassle free as possible.


1st click here for our last minute packaged travel link to see if it can offer you savings for your trip. This is for travel 3 hours to 14 days prior to your travel date and cover weekend travel.

2nd click here for our Custom Trip travel link for weekday and any travel date. This link usually saves a lot on just booking air alone.

3rd - if neither of the above work for you - or if you'd rather not book travel directly online, please call us for the following fly/drive options that we have access to that save $$$ on corporate travel.

Our current Corporate clients know the magic we can do with last minute fares.  But for those of you that have not tried us before here is an example;

Many of you need to be somewhere with little notice.  Say you need to be in New York City tomorrow (August 15th for this example) and you only need to stay one night and you're preferred airline is American Airlines.   The fare you'd get from American on this trip would be $2168.50 unrestricted.

Uni-Travel can offer you the same seat on American at a fare of $1457.00 with immediate ticketing.  That's a savings of $711.50, enough for that Deluxe hotel room for your one night stay, and with our connections we can save you $$$ on that hotel also.  By the way you will get full benefit of miles for your trip and we can take care of your upgrades, if available.

Other savings on this same trip, if your flexible on your airline are; Continental Airlines fare: $1160.00 and Delta Airlines; $1334.00 with immediate ticketing.


This is just one of the many ways we can save you money on Corporate travel.  If for some reason the seats are not available on this program, we have at least 3 other options and providers of last minute discount airlines fares.  

We can also provide private jet services that have become very popular if there are several executives traveling together.  The cost savings is substantial over current high last minute airline fares and we can schedule these planes around your schedule.

Reservation Services

UNI- Travel is appointed to make all authorized transportation and accommodation reservations. This includes all airline, hotel, car rental, railroad, cruise ship, private jet or public charter, and tour services worldwide.  Also we belong to a hotel consortium that offers us special negotiated discounts at hotels from budget to luxury collections.  We assure that you are offered the very lowest rates available at the time you make your reservations and will also use your discount ID numbers so you will get the many benefits offered each time you make a reservation with UNI-Travel. 

UNI-Travel is equipped with computer reservation and corporate accounting management systems. Our automated reservation terminals contain a daily inventory for all major airlines, car rental companies, major hotels, and cruises. Additionally, our reservation system contains information on visa requirements, currency exchange, weather and area entertainment (theater offerings, etc.), thus increasing our service capabilities.  We can even make a tee time reservation at your favorite golf course and include all the details in your travel itinerary.

The availability of such equipment facilitates immediate confirmation for your company traveler and saves you time and energy by avoiding call backs. The computer system automatically prices the lowest fare for your business. In addition, high speed laser printers will be employed to machine produce ticket and passenger receipts with accuracy and clarity.

Utilizing state of the art reservation equipment also enables us to create easily read, error-proof itineraries as well as clear and accurate invoice and management reports.

First and foremost, UNI-Travel adheres to your specifications in authorization procedures and works with your travel plans