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Does the thought of spending your vacation with thousands of other passengers on a huge mega-ship turn you off? Then perhaps you should look into Windstar Cruises. This well-respected cruise line operates small, luxurious sailing yachts calling at less-traveled ports of call in Europe, the Caribbean, Central America and Tahiti. The Wind Star, Wind Spirit and Wind Song carry only 148 passengers while their big sister, The Wind Surf accommodations 308 passengers. The company is well known for sailing to exotic locales and hidden harbors that larger ships cannot access. Shipboard life exudes a private yacht-like atmosphere with its casual style. Check out their itineraries and ships, then give us a call and have something to look forward to.

Gilligan Never Had It So Good

No cars, no phones, no televisions…but every luxury you could ever imagine. That’s what you’ll find on the private island retreat of Little Palm Island Resort and Spa. Accessible only by boat or seaplane, the island is dotted with 28 romantic thatched-roof bungalows and sits a mere 3 miles off the coast of the Florida Keys. It boasts a world-class spa, award-winning gourmet dining and a full range of activities, the most popular being “to do nothing” in complete style. It is a true paradise, and closer to home than you’d think.

Great Scot!

There is nothing that can bring meaning to a trip overseas more than visiting the land of your ancestors. If you happen to have ties to Scotland, it just got easier to make that trip you've always dreamed about with the launch of the new Ancestral Scotland Website. Here you can do research on your family tree and receive tips and assistance on planning you your journey.


UNI-Travel Leisure Travel Planning

Just a few of the things we offer you;

    Unbiased, Competent Information

    Because we are an independent organization, we owe no allegiance to any particular airline, hotel chain, or car company. We research every available option so you get the most competitive rates the industry has to offer.



    Options are the consumer's best defense against paying too much.  We are able to search virtually every major carrier and service provider on the planet to find just the right combination to meet your needs.  Our worldwide reach covers 74 countries with truly global distribution capabilities.  We can provide schedules and information on over 600 airlines; 28,000 hotel properties representing 195 hotel chains; and rates, booking and availability for 56 car rental companies.  We are able to compare these rates in a matter of seconds, whereas calling them individually would take many, many hours.


    Emergency Service

    Ours is not a perfect world. Should your travel plans fail to materialize en route UNI-Travel Cruises & Tours offers 24-hour, 7-day emergency service at our toll-free telephone number (issued with your itinerary.) We can immediately research your alternatives, including competing carriers and service providers, and offer you the best alternatives.

    Not only does this save time by cutting down on the number of calls, but you will be working with an English-speaking agent that has complete access to the existing reservation record. Additionally, should new airline tickets be required, they can be picked up at any airline ticket counter worldwide.



    UNI-Travel Cruises & Tours is staffed by professionals who are experienced travelers and know the idiosyncrasies of the industry. We will offer you expert advice to help you take advantage of little-known incentives and allow the rules to work in your favor.  Our priority is to provide you with personal service with the highest attention to detail, which means we do more than just process reservations. We will help you make informed decisions so you can be sure to get the best value for your travel dollars.



    Airline fares to the same destination can vary by hundreds of dollars, even on the same flight. We have access to highly-automated tools that locate the lowest applicable fare for your travel agenda. These include pricing features that save you money by securing the lowest fare available at the time we book your itinerary, as well as features that suggest alternatives to your itinerary that would result in a lower fare.


    One-Stop Shopping

    We are a full-service travel agency, so we can arrange virtually every aspect of your trip. Planes, trains, hotels, automobiles, cruises - anything you need to make your travel safe and comfortable. We will personally confirm your reservations so there are no unpleasant surprises when you arrive.


    Personal Service

    No cold, impersonal machines and no surly operators here.  We want to help you get the most out of every trip, so our agents listen carefully to find out what's important to you and do their best to offer a range of options rather than a one-size-fits-all itinerary.

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